Agecroft Hall: Discover 17th Century England in Richmond
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Inevitably in the case of a centuries-old, historic home, we are often asked: Is the place haunted?

No, over the years there's never been any reason to believe that Agecroft Hall is haunted. On the other hand, maybe the ghosts around here are just very, very sneaky.

This is a beautiful site. Just how much land surrounds Agecroft Hall?

Roughly 23 acres of land, including everything from carefully landscaped gardens to woodland down near the James River, which is named for King James I.

When Agecroft Hall stood in England, was it in a tranquil, sleepy part of the countryside or was it in the midst of the political and religious tumult that characterized much of the Elizabethan Age?

Agecroft Hall stood in Lancashire, in the north of England, a region long regarded warily by the Crown as a hotbed of religious and political discontent, with a strong Catholic element unwilling to conform to the strictures of Henry VIII's (and later Elizabeth's) Protestant Church of England. The range of discordant sentiment included considerable support for Mary, Queen of Scots as a Catholic alternative to Elizabeth I on the throne. As a general rule, as one travelled further and further from London and the Court, attitudes took on a more stridently independent (and in some cases conspiratorial) cast, and Lancashire was no exception.

Has Agecroft Hall had well-known visitors over the years?

Visitors have included Princess Margaret, the actor Paul Newman and his wife, actress Joanne Woodward; the virtuoso pianist Vladimir Horowitz and the renowned conductor Eugene Ormandy. During the filming of a brief scene for possible use in the movie The New World, film and stage star Christopher Plummer was on hand. Several of Virginia's governors have paid Agecroft Hall a visit over the years, including visits to see Richmond Shakespeare Festival productions held in Agecroft's outer courtyard.